Healthy Lives

  • Accessibility saves lives.

    Accessibility saves lives.

    Growing up in Ghana, Mercy Asiedu became aware of healthcare inequalities, especially for women, that existed in the lower socio-economic parts of her home country. She developed a tool to detect cervical cancer, which is highly preventable if detected in its early stages. The tool can be used by doctors and patients themselves.

  • What’s your DNA say?

    What’s your DNA say?

    Leroy Hood’s interest in biology and solving biological conundrums began with the birth of his younger brother who was diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Photo credit: The Seattle Times

  • Sangeeta Bhatia

    Sangeeta Bhatia

    Sangeeta Bhatia has always been motivated by human disease and drawn to global health, beginning with early experiences observing medical care in a low-resource communities in India.

  • Failure moved the Kinnos team ahead!

    Failure moved the Kinnos team ahead!

    Try, try, try again became the motto for the Kinnos team, when they discovered that the first big test of their product failed due to the cold weather.

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