• Celebrating 20 Years of InvenTeams®

    Celebrating 20 Years of InvenTeams®

    Now in its 20th year, the InvenTeams® Grant initiative has been changing the way educators teach, and providing young people – especially young women and students from underrepresented backgrounds – with creative problem solving and 21st century skills to flourish in college and career. High school students experience invention and cultivate creativity through an InvenTeam…

  • Inventor Archive

    Inventor Archive

    Ever wondered who invented the running shoe, potato chips or gene sequencing? This archive explores the biographies of some of the world’s most important inventors throughout history to modern times. Scientists, engineers, architects, chefs, and even a U.S. president are among the inventors whose unique stories, backgrounds, and what led them to invent are featured…

  • Becoming an inventor: a young Latina’s narrative

    Becoming an inventor: a young Latina’s narrative

    Follow the life experiences of Lesley, a young Latina, which contributed to the development of her identity as an inventor.

  • Green Chemistry Activity Guide

    Green Chemistry Activity Guide

    The JV InvenTeams Green Chemistry activity guide will lead educators and students through the creative applications of green chemistry and explore topics such as Sustainability, Bioplastic, and Chemical Science.

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